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Are Your Schools & District User Friendly?

Was talking with a friend (we’ll call her Naomi) earlier today, who mentioned she had attended an informational session recently at her child’s school.

Naomi went to the meeting because she had received an email that changes were coming to the district.

Naomi talked about getting lost in “education speak” and being stressed while at the meeting because she wanted to know what was going on but was worried about picking her child up from practice and getting dinner on the table.

Somewhat less than bountiful parent turn out to informational nights is often a source of frustration for school & district leaders. Clearly, if there were a simple answer, we would all be using it.

From the perspective of the Naomis, I wonder how reflection upon these questions might have altered her experience, and thus her understanding and support of the information presented.

As a school or district leader, how do you seek out information about how your stakeholders consume information?

How do you act on that information?

What is the cost of stakeholders not understanding/committing to various initiatives because of circumstances surrounding how they are presented?

What might be the return on investment of time & energy spent on ensuring the user friendliness of those circumstances?

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