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Beyond Live or Dead Orchids

One of my many nicknames is “Lady Plant Killer.”

This saddens me because I really love greenery...I just can’t seem to keep it green.

A colleague once quipped he didn’t know how I kept three kids alive as every plant that came in contact with my thumbs died instantly.

I let that comment just roll right off my shoulders.

A friend recently gave me a beautiful orchid.

I love it for many reasons. Chief among them, the little direction card, which states that to keep it alive I just need to give it three ice cubes once per week.

I feel I must be able to do this.

Just put my three ice cubes in a few minutes ago, matter fact….’cuz….

It’s Wednesday…

Wednesday is when I feed my orchid.

Plus, my daughter reminded me.

We spend a lot of time in organizations identifying and measuring success, and nearly always as it relates to outcomes.

But is success always alive or dead orchids?

Might it also be a willingness to try again after a previous lack of success?

How about a frame for success that makes it seem manageable?

The trust someone places in us to keep something alive?

Perhaps it lies even in remembering to add the damn ice cubes.

We are what we celebrate.

How might we broaden the lens of success in our gardens?

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