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Blizzard Bags and Anytime Learning

You have been alternating between Icy Hot and icy cubes after shoveling some of the heaviest freaking snow in the history of heaviest freaking snow.

Your kids forget what their teacher even looks like after 3-4 snow days.

After looking at the calendar you realize you either need to change the date of your June vacation or homeschool your kid for a week to avoid truancy given the extended snow day calendar.

If you are wondering about creative solutions, check out Kearsarge Regional School District’s “Blizzard bags.”

Approved by the state to count for up to 5 days per year, students take home bags with opportunities to learn at home.

This is applicable to learning for kids and adults for a few reasons:

First, it's fun. Who doesn’t want a special bag you can only open on a special day? Learning + fun= more learning.

Second, it's flexible. The mindset that learning has to happen within the walls of school and only when it is sunny or on professional development days is ridiculous. Solutions like this one work to shift that mindset in practice.

Third, it applies universally. Learning is the constant outcome. Time, place, format, materials, method, product….all variable.

What is your organization’s version of a blizzard bag?

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