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Building Team Awareness

Do we build social emotional (SE) capacity in adults the way we expect adults to build it in kids?

To feel like a contributing member of a team, people need to feel seen.

To be an effectively contributing member of a team, people need to understand how they ARE seen.

It's an important distinction.

Only when we have both pieces can we start to be more aware of gaps that exist between our beliefs and actions, and the responsibility to our team our strengths inspire.

Try this.

Create teams of 5ish.

Present a challenge. (Challenge should be something you are going to tackle together this year but not be solvable at this meeting.)

Be clear the task is not to solve the challenge but to 1) identify key skill sets and responsibilities needed to tackle the challenge and 2) discuss what each member of the team might contribute to its resolution.

Generic Sample: “I think this challenge is going to require us to set some specific goals. Peggy can really help us with that because as a marathoner, she writes down her goals and records her progress in a daily journal.”

Reflect: Who are we as a team? What is our potential impact? What are our blind spots? How might we make room for what we still need?


How might you honor and revisit throughout the year?

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