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Challenging Assumptions Around Learning

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for faster horses.” Henry Ford

I wrote a post several months ago referencing this quote and ran into it again today while reading materials for a course I am taking on Human-Centered Design.

The context for the quote in today’s reading materials was around assessing need and challenging assumptions.

This made me wonder about the assumptions we are making around learning and what it would look like if we were to write down all of those assumptions:

Why success is or is not occurring

Why people are or are not taking advantage of learning opportunities we offer

Why attitudes around learning exist

What if then, we were to go out and find opportunities to test those assumptions.

By way of a simple conversation...

By shadowing one of our professionals for the day to see what their day to day is like...

Or by being a student in a learning experience of our own creation…

I wonder what we would learn.

Not everybody can give voice to what they need.

That doesn’t mean our assumptions are an accurate replacement.

How else might we challenge our assumptions to enhance our learning culture?

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