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Changing the Game

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Scene: Breakfast last Saturday before the Villanova vs. Kansas game.

Me to my 8-year old: What advice would you be giving your players right now if you were Jay Wright?

8-year old: I would just tell them, if you get a chance to go in, do your best to change the game.

Me: mind + 🧨

My uber insightful kiddo has had me thinking through that lens ever since.

How am I…

are we…

is our team or organization….

changing the game?

When I asked coaching clients how I had helped them change the game this year, this is what they said:

" You have modeled a coaching model that I have adopted and made my own. You really helped shape my thinking and helped me create and develop my skills. "

" I am more confident in my abilities as a leader. "

" I now know the boundary lines of my comfort zone as a leader and how to get past them."

"By helping me to frame challenges as opportunities and be curious first, you have changed the way I think and approach my work."

I am grateful to all of the courageous leaders who have trusted me as a partner in their growth this year.

As part of my goals as a coach in 2020, I commit to exploring the impact coaching is having, not just on the professionals I coach, but on the communities they lead and serve.

How will you change the game in 2020?

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