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Coachee Insights

Where is the sweet spot between micromanaging and “anything goes” as a leader?

This has come up several times recently in coaching conversations.  

Some questions to consider:

What are non-negotiables?

How are they communicated?

How are they made visible?

What happens when non-negotiables aren't met?

What happens when they are?

How do people know they matter in the work?

Recent post-coaching insights from some of my coachees:

I can’t expect those on my team to be mind readers. I have to make my thinking visible for others.

I am emotionally attached to this work. I have to decide what I can’t live without, communicate that, and let go of the rest so someone else can make it better.

I need to give people context for our work. Our sense of urgency is different but maybe that’s because I know what this means to our clients, and my direct reports don’t yet.

I used to want to get to a point where everything was just smooth. Now I know it is more about being able to navigate through situations and tough conversations. I guess I have to spend the time up front to norm around expectations and meet people where they are.

Powerful insights from folks leaning into learning as leaders.  

What advice would you offer?

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