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Coaching Team Cohesion

One of the saddest things I have heard recently from an educational leader:

"I would like to lean on and learn with other administrators in my district, but there is a pretty strong culture of competition among us."

What is the cost to students when our leadership culture is competitive vs. collaborative?

What does that model for teachers and families?

It is not enough to simply tell people they are on the same team.

District leaders have a responsibility to proactively and intentionally create consensus and cohesion among their admin teams...and the conditions for those things to thrive.

Two quick ideas for how- -

Tie professional learning for admins to personal growth topics vs initiatives. (Think effective communication or creating consensus vs PBIS or mastery based learning)

Norm around what makes a leadership team effective, how individual contributions support that effectiveness, how you will hold each other accountable with feedback (not ratings).

Include yourself as a member of the team.

How do you support the health and cohesion of your administrative team?

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