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Coaching Thru Concussions

My oldest has been sidelined with a concussion for the last week or so after clunking heads with another player in a soccer game.

Last night a week's worth of headaches and not being able to do many of her favorite activities culminated in a teary goodnight.

We had a long chat about how to find the learning in these circumstances and what additional perspective they might provide.

We sought out some research and came up with a list of things she could do that would keep her engaged but not impact her recovery.

This morning we started fresh. She cooked everyone some eggs and has podcasts, bracelet making, music, and board games on her activity list. But she is also planning on thinking (not too hard!) about how to channel her frustration to help others.

Essentially, this is the work I do with #edleaders as a coach as well.

From my vantage point, coaching isn't about changing your circumstances. It is about helping you see them through new lenses.

Summer is a great time to engage in your own professional learning as an educational leader.

Please reach out.

Would love to chat through if coaching is right for you.

Happy learning,


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