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Cultural Impact: Teaching vs. Learning

“We define ourselves by how we teach vs. how we learn.”

This is something Will Richardson said last night during a Modern Learners workshop on having a teaching culture vs. a learning culture.

Will and Bruce Dixon talked about many things that resonated, among them the importance of common language and the courage needed to lead continuous improvement and change.

But that quote struck a chord. I have been thinking about what it might mean for leaders and teams not only in education, but in any industry, especially given the current context of the future of learning and work.


Look at the performance indicators of any professional in your organization. What percentage of them relate to a professional’s ability to learn vs. teach or do or deliver?

Clearly there is a place for both, but if we want learning cultures within organizations, then our ability to learn should be part of our indicators for success.

Professional Learning-

How much of the professional learning in our organizations is devoted to what we need professionals to implement vs. their pursuit of new learning? Do we revere learning enough to carve out time to pursue it or tell people to do it on their own?

What might be the impact of shifting that even 10%?


We look at data for achievement, which is finite and standardized. Does our analysis include learning? How might evidence of learning be incorporated into our analysis of everything from performance to organizational growth?


I have said this before and at the risk of sounding like a total broken record, we are what we celebrate. Where do we celebrate learning among the members of our teams? Our users? Our industries?

How do you create a learning culture in your organization?

More information about Modern Learners can be found here:

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