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Culture Notes

I have had multiple requests for coaching tied to creating culture around learning to begin the new year.

Couple of things about culture if you are engaged in this work as well….

It is not enough to name the culture we want to have. People need the skills and attitudes that allow them to thrive in and actively contribute to that culture.

That means building consensus around the skills and attributes one needs to be a learner and exist within a community of learners.

That means figuring out what it looks like, sounds like, feels like to be a learner and how we might share influence as learners.

That means identifying what will be different in terms of lived experience for ourselves and others when and because we are learners.

And it means being relentless about celebrating, reflecting and course correcting en route to where we want to be.

I’m not sure there is more important work we could be doing right now in our schools and workplaces than to inspire and build capacity around learning.

What else would you add to these quick notes on learning culture?

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