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Yesterday when I asked my youngest about goals for 2019 the reply I got was,

“Go to Disney World.”

Solid thinking, to be sure. But this lead to a great discussion about goals, breaking them down into actionable steps, and holding ourselves accountable to results.

There is a lot of discussion about learning right now- in business, in schools, and in organizations.

My #Disneygoals conversation with my 7 year old got me thinking about all those starting off the new year preparing for mid-year check ins and goal setting meetings.

If learning is our goal, I wondered how we might make those meetings extensions of our values around learning.

What if those conversations included questions like these:

What is something the people you serve learned this year that they will be able to use either immediately or forever?

Tell me about something that went poorly. What did you learn? What will you do differently as a result of that learning?

What do people say about learning in your classroom/ on your team? How do you know?

What is something new you learned this year? What learning will you pursue next?

What is one thing I did/said/shared that showed you I value learning as a leader? What is something I could do that I haven’t yet?

Tell me something I wouldn’t know unless I were doing your job every day.

What is one thing I can do to support you as a learner?

A learning culture starts with us as leaders. It takes courage to ask questions when you are unsure of the responses you will get back. And it takes curiosity about our blind spots and what barriers people face relative to learning to be able to remove and see past them.

What questions would you add?

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