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Effective Teams and Making Space For Emotion

My kids were arguing about something totally inane the other day.

“Hey, guys, stop talking a second. What is everybody feeling right now?”

One was frustrated. The other was annoyed. The third was feeling left out.

Everybody took a deep breath. 

“Now that we know how we are feeling, how might we move forward?”

They were able to come up with a pretty rational solution and I was pleasantly surprised that for the most part it honored the emotions of each.

This was a 3 minute interaction with my kids, but I have seen it play out over and over again with adults, with much more consequential topics.

The more I read about the future of work, the most invested I become in our humanity and our capacity to feel and process emotion. 

We could be doing it better.

It would be easy as a leader to dismiss honing these capacities in ourselves and others. And certainly I am not suggesting everyone start channeling their inner social worker.

I am suggesting we make space for emotion in our conversations.

That we identify how we are feeling and bring awareness to that as the lens through which we are experiencing a particular discussion or decision or process.

I am suggesting that by processing emotion first we give ourselves a breath and a path forward.

What do you think?

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