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End of Year Meeting Redesign

Is it possible to love and dread the end of the year at the same time?

As an educational leader, 100%!

Conversations with educational leaders this time of year reveal frustration that end of the year meetings, meant to be a time to reflect on the year, are sometimes anxiety-inducing for everyone involved.

An uber focus on data can mean it is hard to find learning with a flashlight & map.

What if it wasn't like that?

What if instead of things like “What do your data reveal about student growth?” and “What are your goals for next year?” we asked things like this...

Tell me three stories from this school year that show how your students grew as learners.

Share one resource you read or a conversation you had this year that changed your thinking as a practitioner.

If you could identify one barrier you came up against over and over again this year, what would it be?  What kinds of things did you try to overcome it?

What is one thing I said or did as a leader that had an impact- positive or negative- on your experience?

What is one idea that has been marinating recently?

What is one quote, resource, or idea you would like me to think about over the summer?

Here is one for you….

How might we choose meaningful conversations?

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