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Extracting Splinters

A few days ago I got a splinter in the heel of my foot.

As the mom of three I consider myself something of a splinter extracting ninja.

But alas, despite my best efforts to squeeze, pull and prod, the darn thing was stuck and it hurt like a...well, a lot.

A friend recommended Ichthammol, an over the counter ointment that looks and smells like tar.

Last night I tarred up my heel, covered it, and this morning, the splinter was practically inviting me to take it out.

More about why it works can be found here.

Essentially, though, the ointment softens the skin around the splinter and causes the body to expel it naturally.

Every organization has splinters.

Splinters might be individuals who breed toxicity, practices which exclude, barrier mindsets, etc.

Attempts to enforce and mandate them out, while perhaps effective at removing the piece of splinter protruding from your foot, do not address whatever lies beneath the skin.

Soften the skin.

Ask questions.

Ritualize reflection.

Engage people in conscious practice, not compliant practice.

Bad actors and bad practice will be expelled naturally.

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