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From CAN'T to CAN

My daughter couldn’t sleep last night.

She tossed and turned for so long she convinced herself she wasn’t going to get to sleep.

“Mom, I am trying so hard, but I just can’t go to sleep.”

That belief, of course, was exactly the problem.

When I first started consulting I had a bit of an identity crisis.

As a teacher and school administrator, every responsibility was clearly identified within my job description and a lengthy set of rubrics detailed levels of performance for each of those responsibilities.

When I started consulting, there was no description, no rubric, and without effort on my part, there were no clients.

Initially, I got lost in what I didn’t know how to do.

In fact, I got so lost in what I didn’t know how to do that I forgot to affirm all of the things I did.

Essentially, I gave myself insomnia.

Last night I reminded my daughter that, though she couldn’t get to sleep, she could breathe, she could still her body, and she could imagine a peaceful place. 

The next time the 'can’ts' creep in- yours or someone else’s….ask about the 'cans.'

I can grow & develop the capacity of people with humanity

I can design creative learning experiences

I can help teams navigate change

What are your 'cans?'  Would love to hear from you...


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