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Getting to Be a Kid

“I feel like I get to be a kid there.”

This was the response of my 11- year old when asked what is the best thing about the school two of my kids attend just on Mondays.

It is amazing the power of a place or space that sees us for who we are and allows us the freedom to show up as such...shiny bits and less than shiny bits as well.

What a tremendous message of “enoughness.”

And what a high bar to set for our learning institutions and workplaces.

It is the eve of a new year and a new decade.

What if we started this year with questions instead of answers...

What are people capable of when they feel harmony between who they are and who they are allowed to be?

How do our language, behaviors, and actions as leaders, impact the perceptions and motivations of our people?

How might we create space for people to be the best and most authentic version of themselves?

What are the questions you are asking to begin the new year?

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