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Golf Swings and Running a School

Don't tell anyone but a long time ago I coached girl's golf.

A local golf pro was the head coach. I spoke "teenager" and could swing a club without injury, so I made for a trusty assistant.

One day the pro asked me to take a look at the swing of one of our golfers and identify what she needed to fix.

I rattled off at least 7 things.

He smiled, cocked his head, and studied her swing several more times.

Finally he held up his hand and adjusted one thing- her grip.

When she swung again, like magic, at least 5 of the 7 things were fixed as a result of that solitary adjustment.

As an educational leader responsible for the continuous improvement of people, learning, facilities, achievement, culture, budget, and operations, it can be tempting to try to fix every blemish.

Step back.

Be patient.

Focus on the changes that will yield the highest return.

Where will change have the greatest impact?

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