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Have you ever applied Socratic Questioning to school culture?

The six types of Socratic questions can be found here. Though you might adjust them in many ways depending upon the answers you seek, here are a few you might apply to individual thinking relative to organizational culture to get you started.

1. Questions for clarification: What am I telling myself and why?

2. Questions that probe assumptions: What am I assuming?

3. Questions that probe reasons and evidence: What is contributing to my thinking? How do I know it is true? Are there any reasons it might not be true?

4. Questions about Viewpoints and Perspectives: Is there an alternative to my thinking?

5. Questions that probe implications and consequences: What is the impact of my assumptions on our culture? How might an alternative perspective affect my thinking or approach?

6. Questions about the question: Why does test driving my thinking matter to our culture?How might holding one another accountable to this process help our community culture?

When we approach problems or conflicts with curiosity, we learn more and find more effective solutions.

Try it out.

What did you learn in the process?

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