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Holiday Hubbub

Not sure if you've is Black Friday.

Tomorrow is #smallbusinesssaturday .

Monday is #cybermonday.

Tuesday is #givingtuesday.

My social media feeds are full of deals and offers.

As the owner of a leadership coaching business, I feel a smidge of pressure to throw out "a deal" as well.

But...that's not really me.

So I'll tell you a story instead.

Two years ago, after spending fifteen years in schools as a teacher, administrator and consultant, I got really curious about what learning looked like outside of education. I interviewed anyone who would talk to me about learning in industry and wrote a hashtag#30DaysofLearning series on LinkedIn.

Guess what I learned?

In industry, it felt like folks were putting a lot of time and $ into developing leaders as people.

In education, I believe we develop people around initiatives.

We spend time and $ on training, not learning.

Guess who is impacted by that?

You got it...everyone in a learning community.

Cultures of learning start with leaders. And I truly believe it isn't better leaders we need in learning is more intentional leaders.

True on hashtag#blackfriday2019 ...and on every other day.

Curious about what that might look like for you?

Let's have a chat.

Happy Shopping! 🛍

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