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How Do You Get Clarity?

I was contacted by a nonprofit recently to do some consulting work.

They have an amazing program that adds value.

They are well supported by advisors as an organization.

They have user success stories to tell and people willing to tell them.

However, they are not having consistent success getting teachers to commit to their program....even when they fund the training for them.

After our initial conversation and a follow up email, I received an email which stated, “Excited for your proposal about making strategic introductions to get us into schools.”

Our initial conversation included tons of questions from me and a promise to send a proposal, so I was confused.

I realized the confusion was around implementing a solution vs. getting clarity about the problem.

I wonder how often we confuse the two?

Even though starting with a solution makes us feel productive, we don’t always solve the right problem.

So, absolutely bring your ideas and an openness to solve for challenges.

But start with the interrogatives…

”Why” does this problem exist?

“Who” does it involve/impact?

“What” have we done to address it?

“How” do we know that previous efforts did/didn’t work?

“Where” is the evidence of this problem in our productivity/ impact/ customer experience?

How do you get clarity?

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