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How Do You Light People Up? An Interview With Vaynermedia's Chief Heart Officer, Claude Silver

You are standing at the edge of the ocean and a wave runs over your feet. It recedes, but you can still feel the tingle of the water on your toes.

That's kind of how I feel after my conversation with Claude Silver, VaynerMedia's Chief Heart Officer.

A few of her nuggets of leadership wisdom:

“Feedback is an act of caring. Withholding feedback manipulates growth.”

Vaynermedia’s embrace of Kim Scott’s Radical Candor has reframed the entire organization’s attitude toward feedback. As long as feedback comes from a place of kindness, clarity, is specific, sincere, current, and actionable, it is a necessary piece of learning and growth.

“Listen. Move your stuff out of the way.”

Though Claude talked about town hall meetings and other ideas that are common at Vaynermedia, all can be distilled down to the simple practice of asking people to share themselves and listening with one’s full presence.

To #leadlearning, “Help others cultivate their purpose for a day, a year, or a lifetime.”

So often we see ‘purpose’ as synonymous with 'life’s work.' Framing purpose flexibly to include something entirely more bite-sized may change how leaders see their role in its cultivation.

Claude asks her team: “How do we light people up?”

How do YOU light people up in your organization?

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