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How Do You Optimize Learning?

Conversion Rate Optimization.

For those, like me, more versed in eduspeak than marketing speak, CRO is essentially, increasing the number of people who buy your product or service after visiting your website or gaining initial access to it.

In education, we aren’t looking to convert buyers (yet), we are looking to convert learners.

And in education, we aren't (entirely) focused on increasing revenue, we are looking to increase learning.

If we are spending all our time on climate initiatives but allow folks who breed toxicity to do so, guess what we are not converting? Our climate.

If we are spending all our energy on student engagement but we have not partnered with students to determine “the why” of learning, guess what we are not converting? Learners.

If we are spending all our energy on the perception of school- home partnership but don't invite parents to the table as learners and contributors, guess what we are not creating? School Partners and Evangelists.

The question for every school in America, then, is: How might we improve our rate of conversion and increase learning?

Three quick ideas:

  • Communication- As school and district leaders, we should be communicating our faces off. And by communicating, I mean asking questions and listening. Hold forums with students, parents and teachers; join a business council or a chamber of commerce meeting; interview someone that doesn’t do what you do and ask them about how they handle x, y, or z in their organization. 

Conversion happens when we understand all of our “customers” and we create learning experiences that transcend our homes, schools, and communities.

  • Celebration- Do you celebrate what you want to convert: learning? Or do you celebrate compliance? Examine your systems carefully- from the feedback you give teachers to the conversations you have with kids, to the posts you share on social media...everything you do, share, and create is an opportunity to optimize learning. Approach with purpose.

Conversion happens when we revere that which we are hoping to increase.

  • Be a Mirror- How will you convert learners to learning without being a learner yourself? As a leader, how will you reveal yourself as a learner in an authentic way? As a creator of culture, how will you prioritize learning by creating time and space for it to occur in a meaningful way? As a visionary, what unlearning and relearning might have to take place first?

Conversion happens when we are what we expect of others.

There are connections from every industry to be made with education and vice versa. If continuous learning is our only certainty in an uncertain future, let's be sure we, as the self-proclaimed birthplace of learning, aren't just growing learners...

Let's optimize learning as well.

How do you optimize learning in your organization?

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