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How Will You Get Out?

This month's issue of Leadership & Design's newsletter challenges educators to Get Out! of schools and into the world of work.

Could not agree more.

Some great suggestions by Carla Silver on how to do just that as an education professional.

Couple more to add:

- Partner with a different local business each quarter that is willing to job swap with one grade level/department for a morning or a day. Teacher goes to work and industry professional teaches the class as a guest presenter. Choose a different industry every time. Check out online versions of this concept like Nepris Inc. if you can't make job-swap happen.

- Next professional learning opportunity- Groups of 5-7. Each group identifies an area of focus- customer service, communication, leadership, engagement, etc. Go off site to a library, restaurant, business, big corp, non-profit. What did you notice? What could you borrow?

Psst- How might you make this work with KIDS?

- Kid advisory board- Partner with professionals who share a problem or challenge they have faced as a business with a classroom of students. Engage students in the process of creating & offering solutions and hearing about each company's resolution.

Link to the L&D newsletter can be found here-

How will you GET OUT this year?

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