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Is Workplace Joy a Thing?..Yes! An Interview with Menlo Innovation CEO Rich Sheriden

If I asked you to identify the greatest responsibility of a CEO, what would you say?

Strategic vision? Company performance? Quality decisions?

Where would you rank “Pumping fear out of the room” and “Creating an intentionally joyful culture?”

According to Menlo Innovations CEO, Rich Sheridan, it is their prioritization of the latter two responsibilities which draws thousands of visitors to Menlo’s campus annually to study their culture and fuels their mission "to end human suffering as it relates to technology."

Sheriden shared a few of Menlo's practices to create intentional joy and thus, #leadlearning as an organization...

They eliminate physical barriers.

Doesn’t matter if you are the CEO or a newbie hire, everybody shares collaborative work space.

Two professionals are assigned to each computer and partners change weekly.

This ensures everyone knows and works collaboratively with everyone else.

There are no reporting relationships.

Decisions ranging from new hires to promotion rest with peers.

The company mantra is “Let’s Run the Experiment” because at Menlo, when people are in learning mode, they are their most joyful selves.

Many thanks to Rich for sharing how he and his team #leadlearning!

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