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Leading Learning Through Conscious Choices

I had a Social Studies teacher in high school named Mr. Lyons. His voice was more whisper than soft and we inhaled his stories.

Most of those stories were about his son Joey. One in particular has visited me over and over again since I first heard it as a 15 year old.

Joey was climbing a playground apparatus of some variety. Mr. Lyons started to get nervous about how high Joey was climbing and opened his mouth to tell him to come down. Before the words left his mouth, he thought better of it and held his breath instead. Joey reached the jungle gym summit and was of course, super proud of himself.

Mr. Lyons realized that by projecting his own fears, he would have limited Joey- not just in how high he could climb, but his confidence, and his willingness to take risks going forward.

You can #leadlearning in your family, in a classroom, and in an organization of any size or type.

This principle still translates.

As a leader you get to choose what learning looks like in your home / school / organization. You get to empower people or not.

You get to give people wings or sentences.

You get to show them you believe in them or not.

Being a leader is a choice. So is how you lead. 

As a leader, how do you make these conscious choices?

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