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Learning Is Everywhere

Friday mornings are the great luxury of owning my own coaching and consulting business.

My older kids have jazz band, so the whole house is up earlier than normal.

My youngest and I drop them off before school and have an entire hour to hang out before school begins for my daughter and work begins for me.

This morning we played Mancala.

About halfway through the game, she was losing.

She didn’t know what to do and started to get upset.

She had two possible moves, so we figured out where each would land her and I told her to make the best decision possible with the information she had.

At the end of the game, we talked about what we had learned.

First, never count yourself out halfway through.

Second, nobody wins, loses, or learns if you don’t play.

Third, when you don’t know what to do, gather all the information you have available to you and make the best decision. If you learn something new, make a better one.

Learning is everywhere.

Even in a Friday morning game of Mancala.

What will you learn today?

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