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Lessons From Gary

A 14 year old kid approaches entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and tells him about his troubled home life. (link below)

Gary gives the kid this advice:

Make a choice. Stay and put your head down or leave, but don’t give that power away to anyone else. Make a conscious choice.

Remember that life is long and pain and discomfort are temporary. Take the long view.

Surround yourself with positivity. Drown out the negative with affirmations, motivational podcasts, and inspirational quotes. Let THAT be the voice in your head.

Whether you are 14, 44, or 104, this is advice worth remembering.

Acute emotion is an opportunity to build self-awareness as a person and professional.

When we are stuck we don’t see choices. But we always have choices, even when choosing between 2 less than desirable alternatives.

It is easy to be consumed by moments. But moments pass unless we allow them to turn into hours, days and weeks.

Misery finds company. It takes a conscious effort to recognize negativity creeping into our self-talk and to reprogram the voice in our head with positivity.

Keep track of when energy and mood dip for you or your teams.

Are there triggers?



How might these understandings help you navigate future situations and relationships?

Video of Gary Vaynerchuk's advice to 14 year old kid referenced in post above.   FYI- language is colorful....

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