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Lessons From the Field

Things I worked on with #coaching clients this week that may be helpful to others:


The next time you find yourself inside your head about something...anything, really...ask yourself:

What assumptions am I making right now? How might I challenge each one?

“Video Doesn’t Lie”

If you really want to bring your leadership practice to a conscious level, record yourself facilitating a meeting, making a presentation, coaching someone in an evaluation meeting, etc. and play it back.

What did you learn?

Based upon what you saw, what story are you telling about what you value as a leader? How is how you show up in the video aligned/misaligned to how you think you are showing/want to show up as a leader?


If time is something we spend, what is the return on our investment of time? Which of our tasks yield the highest impact? How do we know?

Of the stuff we do that takes up time but has little impact, why?

Is it because we could be doing that task more intentionally or because we shouldn’t be spending time on it at all?

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