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Mirror, Mirror

“Mostly I need help trusting myself that I can do it.”

This is what a new client said to me during our initial phone call.

We will call this leader ‘London.’

London is taking on a new role, has a cultural background that is different from every other member of the team, and works with a population that is nearly 100% the opposite gender.

London is worried these differences will make London less approachable.

We are going to discuss what it means to be approachable and unpack why London is worried that culture and gender might impact approachability.

We are going to envision what kind of leader London aspires to be.

We are going to dive into gaps between those aspirations and the kind of leader London currently is.

We are going to explore what “trusting myself” looks and sounds like to London.

And we are going to identify London’s gifts and figure out how to engage them to find common ground.

As leaders, we have to name and work at both what we can leverage to show up as our best selves AND what we tell ourselves in our loneliest moments.

When we only see weaknesses, we overlook opportunities to learn and make an impact.

When we only see differences, we miss opportunities to build genuine connection.

What do you see when you look at yourself as a leader?

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