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On Being Intentional

One of the things I regularly hear from coaching clients is they don’t feel like they own their time.

In fact, “intentionality” is probably the number one topic I coach around, with “change management,” a close second.

One of the reasons we feel like we don’t own our time is because we aren’t consciously choosing how we spend it.

Being intentional doesn't mean you never do another odious task, rather, you bring to a conscious level the pieces over which you have influence.

We may be required to complete specific paperwork, but we can choose the conversation that accompanies it.

We may be required to attend certain meetings, but we can choose our contributions and the questions we ask within them.

We may not have hired every person on our team but we can choose to create a culture that reflects our values and expectations.

Get clear on what you value, then take each part of your practice for an intentionality test drive.

What do you need to start, stop, or tweak to be more intentional about how you spend your time?

I am developing an online course on bringing intentionality to leadership practice and would love some feedback on beta content.

If this is of interest, please be in touch- Thanks!

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