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Outside The Lines

My youngest had been to so many soccer games as a spectator that she needed a new thing.

We enrolled her in a parkour class partly because it was something we thought she would be into and partly because there is no way either of our other two would.

Parkour is the kid version of American Ninja Warrior. It’s kind of where acrobatics meets “you’re gonna do WHAT?!”

She is completely obsessed.

Interestingly, though parkour is a physical activity, it has opened the door to a totally new sense of creativity for her.

The couch is no longer a couch. It is a launchpad a landing pad and a vault depending upon the minute.

The other day she went to get a snack and instead of stepping on the step stool, she pulled herself up onto the counter and walked all the way across the counter on her hands to the snack cabinet.

She quite literally sees her everyday world differently because of parkour.

This is exactly why I run experience walks for educational leaders during the summer.

Your learning as a leader is important too. Sometimes you have to go outside of learning institutions to see them through a new lens.


Let’s walk...

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