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Radical Candor- The Case for Feedback

I used to think you could love people through change.

It took me a while as a leader to learn that caring alone wasn’t enough to change human behavior or performance.

Watching the tape of Kim Scott, Co-Founder of Candor, Inc. presenting at FirstRoundCapital’s CEO Summit last spring brought that lesson back.

According to Scott, typical feedback falls into one of four categories. 

Three of these categories contribute to toxic climates.  The fourth is what Scott calls Radical CandorTM or “the ability to Challenge Directly and show you Care Personally at the same time."  It is here that feedback has the power to impact human behavior and performance.

Cannot underscore enough the importance of creating opportunities for professionals to give, receive, and act on feedback to ensure a culture of learning.

Challenge for our teams: Watch Scott’s video

For discussion: Where do we fall as a team in terms of providing feedback? Where do we need to grow to ensure our feedback has an impact on behavior and performance?

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