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Reflections on Engagement

Just watched an HBR webinar with "Nine Lies About Work" author Marcus Buckingham & Cisco's Ashley Goodall.

Things that made me think:

Replace the term “potential” with “momentum.” Potential is a human capacity, not something some have and others don’t. If we want engaged employees, ask them who they are, where they are going, and develop them relative to the journey (direction, speed, trajectory).

Replace the term “feedback” with “reaction.” Neurologically, we shut down when we receive feedback and really, we can only speak for ourselves. More accurate and actionable to give people our reaction to their words, behaviors, etc.

One of the most impactful things we can do to improve employee engagement as leaders is to give others our attention. It has one of the highest return rates on outcomes and guess what? It’s also measurable.

Finally, cascading goals do not = organizational alignment. If we want to align employee practice and engagement with organizational outcomes, cascade WHY. Ritualize, communicate, and make visual, MEANING. Once people understand purpose, they will align their goals to that purpose automatically.

This was a webinar about businesses and human resources but I see school districts all over these takeaways.

What resonates for you?

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