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Things I was reminded of working with coaching clients this week:

The art of dumping:

Our thoughts feed our feelings. When we find ourselves in a thought pattern that doesn’t serve us or anyone else, we need to dump it. Hit delete and give yourself a new pattern.


Asking others “How can I help?” builds relationships. It does so because we take the time to connect with another human, not because we commit to doing every single thing that comes back in response to that question. Ask how you can help. Listen. Help with what is within appropriate boundaries. Connect and refer from there.

Goals: Measuring stuff alone doesn’t make it better. Figuring out what will be different because of our actions and collecting evidence of that, matters. Less measuring how often something will happen to determine success. More collecting evidence of impact instead.

Intention: Nobody can read minds. It matters little what we intend. As a leader it is our responsibility to figure out how messaging and initiatives are being received as lived experiences. Make the time to ask.

What are you learning this week?

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