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Silly, Stinkin' Busy

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about our professional life or our personal life.

Spring is silly busy.

One of the easiest traps to fall into as a leader when we are in overdrive is to let go of stuff that seems extraneous-

- going out of our way to greet people,

- naming stress and allowing people a second to release that at the start of a meeting,

- check-ins, especially with first year or newly appointed folks in leadership roles,

- going beyond thank you to acknowledge the contributions of teammates,

- re-norming after a tough conversation,

- over communicating in multiple formats why this work matters and right now

This stuff takes time and when we find ourselves short on minutes, these time osmosers can be the first to go.

They also are some of the most important building blocks of culture.

Of showing rather than telling people they matter.

And of ensuring, at a time when we need people to show up as their most motivated selves…..they do.

Don’t skip the "soft" stuff.

Especially now when everyone is silly, stinkin’ busy.

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