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Sometimes You Need a Recipe

I used to see recipes as a culinary straightjacket.

When I cook, the joke in my house is if you liked the way the chilli tasted last Wednesday, you should have been at our house last Wednesday.

One year my daughter asked for a specific cake for her birthday. It tasted ok, but it looked inedible because I had missed one-ish ingredient(s) and it didn’t rise properly.

Yesterday I worked with a leader who was worried about the renewal rate of his customers.

When I asked about client feedback, he shared that sometimes he got feedback from clients, other times it was overlooked.

He responded similarly to questions around hiring, onboarding, training, and communication.

He needed a recipe.

As a leader, you have finite bandwidth.

And it’s important to have & give creative freedom.

But when consistency and coherence are important & need to be sustained beyond your personal bandwidth, you need to articulate process.

Next time you are stuck, ask:

What processes are attached to this problem?

Are they too clearly defined?

Not well defined enough?

The chili still tastes different every time I make it. But nobody gets a cake in my house without a recipe.

Look inside your professional practice. What is chilli? What is cake?

How will you get both on the menu?

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