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Tasting Success

My husband and I realized recently we had totally neglected a kid rite of passage for our youngest: learning to ride a bike.

Eager to remedy this, we went out yesterday afternoon to ride.

It took two or three tries to get it and our youngest took off in pursuit of the older two.

The struggle came when our kiddo tried to start pedaling from a full stop. Must have tried 50 times before finally getting it.

When it was time to do it again, it took maybe 48ish times, but I was amazed to see not a single tear shed or breath let out in frustration.

Success was a known entity…it was just a matter of persistence.

Again, our kiddo saw it through and got it.

The third time it took about 5 tries, which, by that point felt like instant success.

I was struck by how important that first success was to everything from perseverance to continued success.

Translation to leadership practice-

Are we intentional about creating opportunities for our professionals to taste success when we ask them to try something new or implement something innovative?

Can our professionals point to concrete things we have done as leaders to nurture their success?

Though we probably have a picture of ultimate success, have we thought about what incremental or en route successes might look like?

Are we celebrating those as well?

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