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Ten Year Old Wisdom

One of my kiddos and I were messing around drawing the other day.

“Mom, you’re a pretty good drawer.”

“Thanks, so are you.”

“Mom, we should write a story together and publish it.”

“Cool, when do we start?”

“Well, tell me your strengths & weaknesses as a writer and drawer.”

“Wait, I thought I already had the job!”

My kiddo is ten, but intuitively understands the best product we can produce as a team is the right combination of our strengths and a balancing out of our weaknesses.

Do we name the strengths and weaknesses (Ss/Ws) of ourselves as people and as professionals in schools or are we matching bodies with jobs?

I wonder how much of ‘limited resources’ has to do with limited imagination around naming and matching the Ss/Ws of our professionals with opportunities to make an impact.

I wonder what we might bring out in people as school leaders if instead of saying, “You teach 3rd grade,” we asked, “What are your gifts as a person and educator?” and “How are you, like all of us, a work in progress?”

I wonder what we might learn about our people.

I wonder what kids stand to gain if we started here in our discussions around resources.

I wonder what they stand to lose if we don’t.

“Wait, I thought I already had the job!”

“Oh,’s not a job, it’s our story!”

So true, true...

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