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The Greater Good

This past weekend my family and I were in Maine for a family birthday.

We went to see a presentation on wildlife and the facilitator brought out two animals to share.

I’m not going to lie, I thought the presentation might be a bit of a snooze when she brought out a squirrel.

However, she made the most profound statement talking about Rosy the squirrel.

“If we want a healthy ecosystem, is is incumbent upon us to ensure the health of the bottom of the food chain.”

The second animal was far more flashy- a beautiful red-tailed hawk.

Did you know hawks are only successful at capturing their prey 20 percent of the time? Eighty percent of the time they dive down to grab a snack, they fail.

The majority of hawks die in the first few years of their lives. However, those that survive live to be in their twenties.

Two profound lessons from nature.

How might we nurture resilience?

How might investment in the youngest and weakest among us serve the greater good?

How does this translate to your organization?

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