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Throwing Out the Prescription

What if you walked into your job tomorrow and pretended you were an entrepreneur learning it for the first time?

The entrepreneurs with whom I have worked are driven by a desire to solve an unmet need. They have passion, ideas, and many gifts to be sure. But bringing that idea to fruition takes, above all else, heaping quantities of “figure-it-out-on-your-own-itness.”

According to a recent Simon Sinek post about Spanx CEO Sara Blakely’s approach to leadership, this is the exact challenge Sara gives her professionals.

Treat your job as if you were an entrepreneur figuring it out as you went along. The result? People approach their work in new and different ways.

One of the things stymying innovation in education right now is that roles in education have gotten positively prescriptive. 

When I began coaching and consulting, the biggest simultaneous challenge and relief was that I got to be an entrepreneur as an educator.

What might schools look like if educational leaders gave themselves this opportunity and challenge?

Imagine the impact on learning if educational leaders gave this opportunity to students, staff, and families.

As a leader, what can you do tomorrow to plant this seed in your community?

Check out Simon’s post here-

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