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Understanding Resistance

The concept of working with “resistant” professionals came up during several of my coaching calls this week.

Three things about resistance:

In Alex Banayan's The Third Door, he uses a nightclub analogy to explain traditional thinking around pathways to success. According to Banayan, to enter, we typically see two points of entry- wait your turn in a long line or enter through the VIP door because of someone you know. Banayan says some of modern day’s most successful people found success because they were willing to find a third door.

What is a Third Door for the "resistant" person?

In Your Are a Badass, How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, Jen Sincero essentially says we are energy magnets. What we put into the world comes back.

What if we started addressing resistance by calling “resistant professionals” something other than ”resistant?”

Finally, it is logical to do our job. In exchange for completing a finite set of responsibilities, we get $. If someone is resistant to something, that something has moved from logical to emotional. Why?

Drill down to the emotion.

Personalize support.

Hold people accountable to the best version of themselves.

Resistance is an outcome. Not a person. Not an identity.

How might a shift from "dealing with" resistance to understanding resistance serve?


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