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Vegetarian With a Side of Meatballs

The other day my daughter asked me if she could be a vegetarian and still eat hamburgers and bacon.

“Why do you want to be a vegetarian?” I asked her.

“Because I don’t like chicken,” she replied.

“Why do you need to be a vegetarian to abstain from eating chicken?”

“You mean, I could just like, not each chicken?”


“I’ll do that.”

I love this conversation for several reasons.

One, it underscores our tendency, when looking to make change, to think in extremes rather than small steps that just might make all the difference. 

I wonder if we share that enough with those we lead and serve.

Two, it highlights the enormous chasm between rejecting one thing and committing to another. 

I wonder if we might plan better for that chasm when we take on change in our organizations.

Three, it affirms “why?” as a powerful revealer of clarity and purpose. 

I wonder if we make enough time to ask and grapple with it.

Finally, this is classic my daughter and I anticipate getting some serious mileage out of this story for many years to come. :)

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