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What Does Mastering Time Have To Do With Effective Leadership?

“Where did the day go?”

This came up in coaching a new school leader recently who asked for help being more efficient.

Though it is possible my 12 year old is more efficient than I am, I started digging in with questions.

His answers revealed not a lack of efficiency but a lack of consciousness around his time.

Over the course of several coaching sessions he conducted a self-audit.

We looked at his calendar- How was he spending his days?

We looked at his meeting agendas- To what was he giving voice, and thus, importance?

We looked at post-work practices like responding to emails and phone calls- What was he saying without speaking?

We also discussed at length the type of leader he wanted to be and how he would know he was getting there.

We discussed the types of practices & communications that were a match to that style of leadership and those that were not.

We created a plan for what he as a leader needed to start, stop, and tweak about his current practice to be more conscious about time and more aligned to the leader he had the potential to be.

We are all a work in progress.

Have to start with where we are to get to who we want to be...

Beyond mastering your time, what challenges are you working through personally as a leader?

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