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Where Do I Start?

Spoke with a new principal recently who asked, “Where do I start?”

Starting a new school year is daunting no matter how many years you have served as an educational leader.

Many years ago Oprah interviewed Will Smith. He said he and his wife tell their kids to do something everyday for themselves, their family, and their community.

I love this approach as an answer to the question, “Where do I start?”

Do something for yourself-

Make a new connection from outside of your building. Take a lap outside the building on a beautiful day. Block off an hour in your schedule to learn.

Everything starts with you. Show up as the best version of yourself you can give.

Do something for your work family-

Answer an email in person. Take a listening tour. Call a teacher you know had a rough day to check on them. Do art class or recess with color and swing. You have to see people to serve them.

Do something for your community-

Invite a parent that disagreed with a recent decision to join you for lunch. Stop by a local business or organization and invite them to visit. Share or respond to a post on social media that gets folks thinking.

Go outside your world to find your place in it.

In general, focus less on WHERE and more on START...


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