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Woodland Perspective

Yesterday, I took my kids and a friend to the woods.

We were armed with hats, gloves, and a combination of legit and disposable cameras.

I shared with them that one of the things I loved about taking and viewing pictures is you get to see the world through different perspectives.

We decided to have a photo contest and included “most interesting perspective” as one of our categories.

And into the woods we went.

I watched them lay down on the ground and take pictures looking up, crouch down and take pictures of moss on ground level, and climb trees to take aerial shots from above.

After almost two hours, we decided hot chocolate was in order. As we were leaving, my daughter’s friend, unprompted said, “Wow, I see the woods differently now.”

As a leader, championing perspective is one of the most impactful things you can do to build culture and urgency within your organization.

Sometimes the way to that perspective involves an invitation to travel the experience of another.

Sometimes it involves giving someone a tool to be able to see more clearly.

And other times, it is simply about the time and priority we give to something by naming it as a value.

How do you build perspective in your organization?

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